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Overview: DragonMUD is the oldest continuously active MUD, founded in November 1989 on the TinyMUD code written by James Aspnes. MUDs (Multi-User Domains) such as ours are text-based virtual realities, filled with of people, places, posessions, puzzles and possibilities. Primary activities include questing, building, and socializing. Our realm is populated with creative, literate, witty and above all, diverse people from around the globe.
Unlike most MUDs, "role-playing" and having many "secondary" characters is less common on DragonMud. While it's fun to be someone else, the caring and supportive nature of our community makes it simple to slip "out of character" and stay that way indefinitely. In DragonMud think of it more as place-playing than role playing. It's still you, you're just in a very unusual world, with different laws and expectations.
and Theme:

The heart of DragonMud is an early 1800's walled city known as TinyLondon. Perpetually pre-industrial and heavily sprinkled with magic, TinyLondon is a city of cobblestones, carriages, gaslamps, stone bridges and ancient towers. Wandering through town you'll come across pirates, spies, thieves, vampires, wizards, questors, merchants, poets, gypsies, ambassadors from other realms, Grand Dames and new immigrants.
We Are Not:
DragonMud is not a hack-n-slash environment. We have no HitPoints, ArmorClass, ExperiencePoints or hordes of suicidal beasts waiting to be slain. We are a Civilized Society and settle our disputes with the opposing forces of darkness (or light) using our intelligence! Success yields honorifics, titles and memberships in prestigious guilds.
Ideals and

The administration of DragonMud is committed to our citizens privacy and autonomy. We strive to be patient, tolerant, fair, and understanding. However we do not condone abusive or crass behavior, nor do we put up with marketing material or jarringly anachronistic additions to our realm. Please consider DragonMud a haven or sanctuary when you visit.

TinyMud version 1.6.3 July 13, 2000. (Also called Crane Code, or Dragon Code. Very loosely based on James Aspnes original TinyMud Server.)

DragonMud is written in ANSI C, and has been housed on Ultrix systems, (MicroVax II's, DecStation 3100's), and SunOS systems (Sparc 2's, and IPC's). Today, to run comfortably, DragonMud requires 500MB of disk and 50MB of core memory, CPU speed is not a serious concern.
and Policies:

DragonMud is non-commercial and not-for-profit in nature.

DragonMud exists on hardware owned by DragonMud's founder. Contributions and donations are welcome, (but not expected), and will be put towards the cost of our monthly connectivity.

Our staff of highly skilled administrators are unpaid volunteers, and as such are free to keep the hours they wish, and help whom they choose, and reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Ownership of the content of the DragonMud database is unclear. The administrators of DragonMud treat individual creations as the intellectual property of the builder. Control and ownership of creations are left primarily up to their creators. In cases where modification or removal of a creation is desired or necessary we do our best to confirm with the owner when possible.

Three "robots" are online at most times,

-Newt, a "maas-neotek" general purpose navigator and info gatherer,
-Thoth, a "scheherazade" style historian/story-teller, and
-TinyBen, the clock-keeper of DragonMud, of very limited usefulness, and
-Fudge, currently inactive, a roaming feline pet.
Real World

- The Megalithic Memorial Day Gathering
- The Late Summer Party
- The Labor Day Party

- DragonMud's 10th Anniversary (Wed, Dec 8 1999, 6PM PST)
- Halloween (Tues before Halloween)
- Town Meetings (SECOND Tues of the month or as announced in the login banner)

DragonMud is rebooted periodically. (sometimes even intentionally!)
To date, DragonMud's longest online stretch was 86 days.
(July 29, 1998 - October 23, 1998).
Demographic Data (somewhat updated Fri Mar 20 2009):
    Titles and Ranks:
      1 - Dragon
      6 - Gods (and a god-bot)
        Bedouin, Caern, Jopsy, Mortis, Shar, zingdol, (and Newt)
      5 - Emeritus Gods
        Modesty, Legolas, Persia, Forbathian, Auliya, Rork
        Galanthis, Katharyn, Shadow, Druis, Krissa, Tierlyn, Malacar, Frost, Calum, Mortis, Star, Morgen, dirque, Kiy, Dirk, Kadiya, wai, Tobin, Foolsbane, wapini, nightshade, Joon, Dryad, Lorrick, Aiken-Lugonn, Rin, Celeste, Angel, Willie, Jack, Lestrade, Maverick, Rubinia, Wilhelm, Llonewolf, Grinch, ...
        Musketeer, Rooks, Booga, Milkir, Morentis, fizzgig, Tinniel, Hellhound, Tedley, Sigmund, Darkling, dEw, Fletch, Zem, Rosminah, Syd, Sidaria, pig, Targash, Sami, Loki, Liszt, Eleni, Branston, Banjo, Zingaro, Amie, Slacker, Randall, Flak, Elaine, Dybs, Lorien, ...
      27 - Ambassadors from other muds
      343 - Builders
      3294 - Citizens all total

Year Total Number of New Players Created for Each Year Number of New Players Created in Each Year that Still Exist Today % of New Players Created Per Year that Still Exist Today Of today's 500 most recently active citizens, the number created in each year
( ? - Historical data was not preserved from that long ago. )

Approximately 1 in 10 visitors actually become active members for any length of time. 1 in 100 visitors become long time residents.