Topic: Boston, 12/94

Okay, here goes!!  As promised (threatened?) in His abdiaction speech,
The Dragon and Bedouin will be in Boston soon, and would love to meet
with any DragonMudders who can find their way to BeanTown on Saturday,
December 10th.  Aiken-Lugonn is hosting this miniGathering (brave man!)

(known, for some odd reason, as "Richard Dansky" in another realm...)
21 Mason St.
Somerville, MA  02143
(617) 623-8395

Contributions of beverage and edibles suggested - 
suggested arrival time is noon or later.

Take the Red Line to Davis Square
Walk up Holland Street
Turn right on Simpson (Aik sez to avoid the slow white Bronco)
Walk up Simpson, which deadends at Broadway.
Cross Broadway, turn left, and walk 20 feet.
Turn right on Mason, and stop.  Look for the house with
  gargoyles in the windows.  Stop.  You're there.

NEW REVISED (with street names, no less!) DIRECTIONS:

From Mass Pike, get off at the Allston-Cambridge exit.
Cross the river
Go all the way over the bridge, then down.  
Turn left at the bottom of the hill, onto Somerville.
Turn right at the light, on Webster Street
  (Rich sez you can't see the street sign, though - don't worry about it)
Get into the right lane, follow the right lane straight until the street
  becomes one-way the wrong way. 
Turn right onto Willow.
Turn left at the light onto Highland, which takes you to Davis Square.
At Davis Square, turn right onto Holland, which takes you to Teele Square.
At Teele Square, turn right onto Broadway, then left onto Mason.

PARK ON BROADWAY (resident parking rules are in effect)

See you on Dec 10th!!

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