Topic: Directions

To get there from the EAST:

    Take I-8 (past I-15, past I-805 to I-163 SOUTH and ignore hotel circle)
    then follow the directions "From the North" 

To get there from the NORTH:

   Take 163 south (past I-8) then
   take the Washington East Exit (skip from Airport directions)

 General Area Map, I-8 and I-163 can be found on any S.D. Map.

From the AIRPORT:

    Take Harbor Drive (follow signs leading to I-5)

        (Landmark, small refinery like complex on left side of road)

    Turn Left onto Laural Street (right before refinery)

        (cross the railroad tracks, climb hill, you'll see I-5 above you)

    Turn left onto India Street, into the tunnel under I-5

        (Landmark Gas station, food places on right)

    Turn Right onto washington street.

        (climb hill, go through many traffic lights., 
        past hospitals, on both sides of street) 
        Over I-163 bridge.  Follow directions below:

 Local Area Map, Hazard Plaza has Virtual Worlds in it.

From Washington and I-163 to JOPSY'S:

    Go East, over the I-163 bridge then up a small hill

    Turn left when you see TOPSY's restaurant, (you'll be on Lincoln)

       (ignore Maryand Street)

    Turn right onto Johnson (NorthWest) OR Vermont (north) (doesn't matter)

    Turn left (west) onto HAYES (West)

    As you come down the hill, look for a dark house with a wooden deck

        (on the right, perched on top of a bushy wall)

    The house number is 1036, there's plenty of street parking. 

 Neighborhood Map (X)-Jopsy's, *-Grocery Store, Star-Welcome Inn

From Washington and I-163 to The Welcome INN:

    Go East, over the I-163 bridge, then up the small hill

        (Ignore Topsy's on the right, 
        go past Cleveland, ignore The Crypt)

    Turn Left On CAMPUS, the Welcome in is on the left.

Just to make it a little more visual, here's the cryptic ascii map. :-)

      ==|============================== I-8 =======
        |              |       
        |             163                                      
        |              |       Johnson-_        Maryland        
        |              |        | *  |  \      /              Campus
       I-5             |        Hayes+---\    /      Cleveland |  
        |              |             |    \  /         |       |  
        |     Hospital |       Lincoln-----+-__        |       |  
        |              |                       \       |2    **|___---
        | |      (    /|                       1 \Topsy|       |\ 
        |/        \__/ |                          \ 's |       | \polk
        |              |                           \   |       |  \
      / |              |                           /           
Air-  | |              |           Ralph's _______/           
port__|_|Laural        |                                      

          * - Jopsy's                 ** - The Welcome Inn

If you get confused, need directions or anything, you can 
reach me at:

    Voice: 574-0044
    Pager: 494-7173 (type the number you're at and hit the # key)

More maps and info will be available at the Hotel's front desk. :-)

For the asciily impaired... a WWW MemDay Home Page will be available
soon with a real map that you can really navigate by with as many
of the local landmarks as will be necessary! :-)

See Also: Overview.