Topic: Dragon

    If you have ANY problems with DragonMud or the wizards of DragonMud, 
    please let the Gods know by using the GRIPE command.  If the Dragon
    is on-line, he'll receive the gripe immediately, otherwise, expect
    several days delay.  For a faster response, leave @mail for a god.

    We'll try to resolve the situation discretely and immediately, if 
    possible.  If you have any problems with the Gods of DragonMud,
    mail The Dragon directly at jopsy@ucsd.edu.  If you have problems 
    with The Dragon, mail Bedouin at jclodius@students.wisc.edu, or find 
    a different mud.

    Do not GRIPE about not being able to solve a quest/puzzle, leave  
    @mail for the builder/owner.

See Also: new, building, @mail, Overview.