Topic: DragonMud Etiquette

                      /'     Modesty's Guide    `\
                     |     to Proper Etiquette    |
                      \_      on DragonMud      _/

In general, common courtesy will get you far when dealing with other
DragonMud characters.  The following are some guidelines to more
specific etiquette issues on DragonMud.


There is NO official combat system on this Mud.  Occasionally a Quest
may contain some element of combat, but it is restricted to the Quest
and operates differently in different Quests.

Combat-play is certainly permissible as part of role-playing, but it is
not encouraged.  You must determine a mutual desire to role-play combat
BEFORE presenting an attacking "pose."

Physical assault of any sort will not be tolerated.  Yes, we know this
is VR and not RL.  However, this behavior is *not* permitted on this
Mud; if you wish to role-play threatening behavior, take it elsewhere.

Emotional assault is neither wise, kind, nor appropriate.  Threats of
any sort are completely inappropriate.  If you are angry at someone,
find a way to express it or explain it which does not include
threatening or physically aggressive behavior.

It is not considered appropriate to make jokes about rape or sexual assault.
Remember that many people have been unfortunate enough to experience these
devastations in RL and prefer not to re-encounter them in VR.


Players may set themselves DARK for a variety of reasons:
        + they're mostly idle
        + they're Questing
        + they're having private conversations
        + they're feeling antisocial
        + they want to read Newtmail but not talk to anyone
        + etc.
Please respect their privacy.  This means that *even if you are a God*,
you should *not* page a DARK player first without explicit permission.


Players set themselves HAVEN for many of the same reasons they set
themselves DARK.  If you need to speak to a HAVENed player, EVEN if
that player is a Wizard or a God and you need Wizardly or Godly help,
leave a *polite* message with Newt.  Growling at people for setting
themselves HAVEN is simply going to annoy them into ignoring you and
your request.  Many well-known DragonMudsters receive pages from 8-10
people simultaneously, and may feel the need to give their fingers a
break.  It's not worth taking it personally!


Paging someone you don't know when you have nothing to say is, well,
silly.  If you'd like to meet folks, we highly recommend hanging out where
the crowds are (use the 'where' command, or hop over to the Town Square or
one of the pubs) and chatting with them in person.  People receiving pages
from people they're not familiar with often feel as puzzled as you might
feel on getting a phonecall of the same sort .


It's considered good form to page a person and ask (or yell if they're
in the next room) and wait for an answer before joining them in a
privately-owned area such as a bedroom or an apartment.  This is doubly
true if there's anyone else there with them!


The other side of the coin, of course, is that public places are *public*.
It's fine to walk into a public area or an establishment (such as a pub)
unannounced.  If you're having a private conversation in a public place,
be aware that others may enter and please don't ask them to leave.  If you
need to have a private conversation, take it elsewhere.

          And finally, a quote from Chadwick of DragonMud:
               "You can have fun, you can be a flirt,
                without being a TinyJerk."                   :-)

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