Topic: Quest Clues and Hints

Quests are supposed to be just that -- quests -- puzzles and challenges.  
While asking other players for help is certainly allowed, players who 
continually request quest information or expect to be given step-by-
step instructions may well find their requests being ignored.

In many instances, there are clues embedded within the room's
description.  The description may suggest that there's an exit there
that you cannot see, or that looking at specific objects may give
you a hint as to what use they might serve.  

Read!  Then, think about possible responses.  Experiment with the
wording in your response.  And if you're still stuck, ask someone
for help.  (One final note: +Gods certainly want to know if a quest
is broken.  They will *not*, however, give quest-clues.)

See Also: Overview.