Topic: Information for New Players

1) You've obtained a body, Good Start!

2) Give yourself a description with "@DESCRIBE ME=",
    then look at yourself with "LOOK ME".  Feel free to type past
    the right side of the screen if you need to.

3) Prevent anyone else from adding you to unwanted groups with "@LOCK ME=ME". 
    (for more fun with @LOCK, see @SUCC, @OSUCC, @FAIL and @OFAIL)

4) Set your gender, with "@SET ME=MALE" or "@SET ME=FEMALE" 
    (or "@SET ME=NEUTER" to be an 'it').

5) Now type: help basics
    for a quick summary of how to communicate and move around.

6) For a list of folks who may be of assistance, type: help problems.

7) PLEASE NOTE: It is considered common courtesy to type "HOME"
    before you type "QUIT".

See Also: Overview.