Topic: Questions and Problems

As in any community, questions and problems are bound to arise.
Here are some suggestions about who to contact for help.  

  +Quester Emeritus - (look +quester emeritus) to ask for hints.
	     note: Players are NOT obligated to give hints or
		   help.  Try reading and thinking first; if
		   you're still stumped, _ask_.  Don't demand.
  quest-owner - (examine a room in the quest to find the owner)
                   for typographical errors, broken exits, failed commands
  +wizard, +god - (look +wizard, look +god) for missing quest-objects,
	           broken exits, linking problems.  Do NOT ask +gods for
	           quest clues.

  help files - (help ) for basic building help.
  +Tutor - (look +tutor) for help learning how to build.  Appointments
		   are strongly suggested.
  +wizard - (look +wizard) if you need the benefit of a wizard's powers
		   of examination.
  +god - (look +god) if you have permission to link an object/area to
		   a public place.
  Bedouin - (@mail bedouin) if you want to talk about quest ideas before
		   submitting an official Request-to-Build form.
  Jopsy - (EMAIL if you want permission to build a quest.

  +Elder - (look +elder) for the "rules of the community"
  +wizard, +god - (look +wizard, look +god) if you need help immediately.
		   (While no wizard or god wants to deal with trivial
		   problems that can be solved by page-lock, neither
		   should any player's participation be spoiled by an
		   abusive player.  PLEASE page a wiz or god if you're
		   dealing with a tiny.jerk!)
  Bedouin - (@mail bedouin, Email to file complaints,
		   express concerns, ask for help if your problem is 
		   unresolved or with a +wizard or +god, you've found
		   a typo in a help file, whatever.

See Also: Overview.