Topic: Quests

Quests on DragonMud consist of puzzles and problems to be solved.
Many are challenging brain-teasers, and require that you carefully
read the text and *think* about possible solutions.  One way to
get suggestions on how to begin questing is to go NorthEast from 
Town Square, into Quester's Rest.

Not all possible actions are necessarily listed in the "Exits:" and
"Commands:" lines.  Occasionally you will need to "look" several
times before you see everything.  On the other hand, not everything
mentioned in the description necessarily exists; sometimes non-real
items are mentioned to give texture and feel to a place.  Again, you
will need to read and think about possible solutions.

If you get so stuck that you cannot find a way out, or trapped in a
room with no exits, you can always go "HOME" and start over.  

Correctly solving a quest usually adds you to a Quest-Group as a sign
of your successful completion of the quest.  

See Also: Overview.