Topic: MemDay 1995 Schedule

		The ever tenative MemDay Schedule!

Thursday - Dinner with early arrivals

Friday   - Check-ins and arrivals at The Welcome Inn.  Sushi-Party.

Saturday - 12noon, Everyone is welcome to start showing up at Jopsy's!
            Things really get hopping around 1pm.
            Please bring whatever you feel like drinking and something
            interesting to nibble on... I'll have a check list for 
            foodstuffs at the desk in The Welcome Inn.
            There's only two BBQ grills, if you can bring another 
			Please DO! 

            Expect endless introductions, talking, flirting, dancing, 
			drinking, and falling over from exhaustion! :-)  

Sunday   - Brunch and independent activities:

            Tijuana day walk                      Shopping
                                Virtual Worlds
            The Beach       Balboa Park and The San Diego Zoo
	                 and more!

Monday   - Lastday Brunch and most departures.  Activities TBD.

Tuesday  - Any late departures, party review, recuperation. :-)

   May 1995
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